The people we surround ourself with have a big influence on the story of our lives. Lucky people end up having great friends whereas unlucky people end up with a negative circle. Note, this statement is not true. The truth is that positive people choose to only surround themselves with others who motivate them whereas […]

Till very recently I wouldn’t have dared say much about love because I used to find it such a vast emotion, I thought it was impossible to pinpoint. However, today I can confidently talk and write about love because I know¬†the feeling I sense when I feel and emit love is simply genuine.¬†Before when I […]

For any goal in life, whether one wants to become a Buddha or simply keep the house clean, discipline is the necessary ingredient to fulfil one’s dreams. Of course, life would be meaningless without goals or dreams and thus discipline is a basic value that we all must learn in order to live a happy […]

It can happen to all of us, a traumatic event hits us so hard, we feel it is the last blow we can handle and thus decide to shut down emotionally so that nothing ever again can hurt us in the future. There is only one problem with this, when we allow emotional indifference to […]

No one wants to be perceived as selfish for like in the story of Scrooge selfish people often end up alone. However, as much as a too big dose of selfishness can lead to solitude from the external world, a lack of it will estrange us from ourselves and thus suck away our vitality. When […]

It takes strength in this world to achieve what you want. Often this strenth is more mental than physical. This because people when they hear you are doing something out of the ordinary they will find ways to let you down. I’ve always wanted to write and indeed have started and stopped many times. This […]

In a society where people are becoming more and more individual, most of us believe that to share our vulnerabilities is to show neediness and thus is viewed as weakness. The truth is completely the opposite. Only strong-minded people are courageous enough not to be afraid of others conceptions and wanting deeper relationships, they express […]